How To Get Value For Money When It Comes To Accommodation In St Lucia KZN

The last thing you need when you go on holiday is to discover you’re staying somewhere awful. You’ll be spending your hard-earned money, so the accommodation that you book in St Lucia, KZN or along the coast must be worth it. There’s no shortage of hotels and lodges you can book on the internet. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ll live up to the hype. When booking accommodation, you probably won’t be able to pop in beforehand to make sure that you’re making the right decision. In this blog, we share a few pointers on how you can ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Tip #1: Shop Around Online For Different Quotes In The Area

If you’re going on vacation, you’ve probably already worked out a budget. Look for accommodation that falls within this range and compare what each place offers for the price tag. Paying less isn’t always a win, as you might be compromising on some important features. Also, take note where there might be additional costs like meals and cleaning.

Tip #2: Check If Any Of Your Meals Will Be Catered For

One thing’s for sure: you’ll probably work up an appetite doing all that relaxing under the sun. It’s different for everyone. Seeing as you’re on holiday, we recommend exploring the local foods and specialties at surrounding markets and restaurants.

Tip #3: Find Out How Far The Place Is From Activities

For the beach and adventure-lovers among us, it’s important to be located near the things we enjoy. Search online for interesting landmarks and activities nearby. The closer they are to the “home base” the better.

Tip #4: Ask About The Amenities & Facilities That Are Available

It’s easy to assume that all accommodation places have things like WiFi, laundry facilities, or elevators. This isn’t always the case. If you have any specific requirements, call the hotel to check if they cater to them.

Tip #5: Read Reviews To Check If Other Guests Were Satisfied

Always, always, always read reviews. There’s no better way to learn the truth about the experience you’re signing up for.

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