Why Serene Estate Offers The Both Worlds For Luxury Accommodation In St Lucia

When you go on holiday, you don’t want to stay in a place that’s less comfortable than staying at home. At the same time, you want to be able to access nature in its untouched glory. So where can you go in South Africa that allows you to enjoy luxury accommodation as well as access to the outdoors? Serene Estate has a luxury guesthouse accommodation which is the perfect place to visit to enjoy your stay in comfort and style. Yes, St Lucia is known for its wildlife and estuaries but you don’t have to “rough it” to get closer to nature.

Get The Best Of Both Worlds With Luxury Accommodation In St Lucia

Let’s face it; not everyone is keen to meet nature upfront and personal. Luxury guesthouse accommodation in St Lucia offers an ideal combination of quality surroundings, with stunning views of the area’s pristine beaches and wetlands

Luxury accommodation is perfect for couples or families with varying levels of love for nature. For those that want to get closer to the wildlife in the area, there’s easy access to game drives, guided tours and other activities. Cruises can also be booked which offer sightings of a wide variety of birds and other animals. It also offers a view of the mangrove swamps. To keep a safe distance away from the crocodiles, hippos, and snakes that are found in the estuary. You can enjoy a horseback ride or walk along the beach to catch sight of dolphins or humpback whales.

If you’d prefer to stay within your accommodation, you can spend your time enjoying the beautiful décor, architecture, facilities, and amenities at Serene Estate. Kick back in comfort with air-conditioning, satellite TV and free wireless internet. As well as an in-room coffee and mini bar facility. You can also visit the area’s many local shops and attractions.

Serene Estate is located close to the St Lucia estuary. It is the ideal place for comfort and convenience, with rooms that are both indulgent and tranquil. Relax in the lap of luxury and enjoy personalised service from our friendly staff. Book your stay today.

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