What’s The Difference Between Budget & Luxury Accommodation In St Lucia?

Planning a vacation comes with many decisions. How will you travel? Where will you stay? What activities will you participate in? All of these questions need answers. You could wing it, but that leaves too much room for error. The choices you make will depend on how much money you can afford to spend. You may need to weigh your options before you decide, for example: should you book a stay at a budget hotel or luxury accommodation in St Lucia? A hotel is a hotel, right?

Wrong. There are significant differences between the two – starting with the costs. Budget accommodation, as the name suggests, is cheaper than luxury accommodation. However, cheaper might not be better. In this blog, we discuss the differences to help you make the choice that works best for you (and your pocket).

What To Expect From Budget Accommodation:


  • Only The Most Basic Facilities Available

A budget hotel is ideal if you’re okay with having somewhere simple to lay your head. It will come with clean linen, towels, basic furniture and not much else.

  • Possibly Self-Service Oriented

You may have to check yourself in. Where there’s a reception, the person behind the desk might not necessarily be trained for hospitality in particular.

  • No Free Extras

Most budget accommodation doesn’t provide any free perks, so you must be prepared to bring towels, toiletries, and an internet connection.

What To Expect From Luxury Accommodation In St Lucia


  • A Focus On Exceptional Service

Luxury accommodation means you’ll have a trained team of professionals at your beck and call. They will usually be able to answer any questions you have concerning your holiday or the facilities available to you.

  • Beautiful & Unique Aesthetics

A luxury hotel will be designed to look beautiful, usually with unique artwork all around. The devil is in the detail, with expensive bedding and furniture as well.

  • Free Niceties

You might get toiletries or a gift basket upon arrival to make your stay more pleasant. This is an important part of a luxury experience.

It all depends on what you prefer, but if you’re looking for luxury accommodation in St Lucia, you’re at the right place. Book now at Serene Estate.

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