Why Should You Consider St Lucia For Your Next Holiday

Planning a holiday is sometimes as fun as going on the holiday itself. As South Africans, we’re spoilt for choice and have dozens of destinations to choose from. Instead of picking the usual Durban or Cape Town areas for your next break, why not explore a little further afield? St Lucia is an area of KwaZulu-Natal well worth spending time in, and if you’re still not convinced it’ll be worth your while, here are a few reasons why you should consider St Lucia as your next holiday destination.

1. It’s Easy To Get There

Everyone wants to enjoy a break, but nobody wants to spend hours to get there. Choose St Lucia as your next destination, and you’ll only have to drive a few hours outside of Durban. You could fly in from Johannesburg or Cape Town at breakfast time and enjoy lunch in St Lucia – after enjoying a leisurely drive filled with plenty of stops along the way.

2. The Beaches Are For Everyone

Few beaches in South Africa cater to all members of the family at once. St Lucia’s coastline boasts up to 300 days of sunshine a year, which means that you can visit all year around. Swimming is a fun beach activity as the shallow waters are great for even the little ones – swimming further out isn’t recommended due to the presence of sharks and dangerous rip currents. You can spend hours lazing on the beach or exploring the surrounding dunes. You can even fish in certain spots and bring your catch home to braai.

3. You Can Go Off The Beaten Track

Think that the only place you can spot wildlife is the Kruger National Park? You couldn’t be more wrong. St Lucia is home to the iSimangoliso Wetland Park, which is the third-largest nature park in the country that covers almost 300 kilometres. This World Heritage Site offers a diversity of environments, which means that you can explore coral reefs one moment and lush forests in another. You’ll be able to spot leopards, hippos, crocodiles, turtles and rhinos – as well as hundreds of species of birds and amphibians. At certain times of the year, you can even go whale watching.

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