What Birdlife Can You Expect To See In St Lucia?

Enjoy bird watching? If so, you’ll know the special thrill that comes with seeing a rare species or spotting an old favourite it a new habitat. It’s a hobby that is as rewarding as it is educational, and if you’re lucky, you can integrate it into your life. If you’re considering planning a getaway soon, we recommend combining your leisure time with some birdwatching by visiting St Lucia, South Africa and enjoying its various accommodations. Here’s why this area is excellent for birdwatching and what you can expect to see when you get there.

What St Lucia Has To Offer

With over 500 recorded bird species present in the area, you’re in for a treat when visiting St Lucia, South Africa. Due to the area’s many estuaries, lakes and oceans, many of these species are freshwater and saltwater birds. Many more birds migrate from further afield during the breeding season, and you’ll be able to see everything from fish eagles to flamingos to pelicans on your visit. Here are a few of the more rare birds you might run into.

1. Spotted Ground Thrush

This highly endangered bird is native to a few countries in Africa, and fewer than 3000 are said to still exist in the wild. You’ll find this bird in the forest areas, and it can be identified by the vertical stripe running down its face and its white wing bars. If you spot one, consider yourself very lucky – this bird is incredibly skittish and excellent at camouflaging. However, if you do spot a few, you might be able to hear its uniquely beautiful bird call.

2. Pel’s Fishing Owl

Many visitors come to St Lucia specifically to tick this bird off their lists. It’s a large bird as far as owls go, but it lacks the usual ear tufts we’re accustomed to seeing with owls. This unusual adaptation is because it eats fish – and doesn’t require a keen sense of hearing for this. It can carry up to two kilograms and has on occasion been spotted catching and consuming baby Nile crocodiles. If you want to see it hunting, be prepared for a night session.

These are just two of the hundreds of birds you can spot in St Lucia, and if you visit the Great St Lucia Wetland Park or iSimangaliso Wetland Park, you can hook up with a guide to assist you with your spotting.

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