Serene Estate- Gallery

The truly unique aesthetics of our guesthouse, as well as the stunning natural beauty of St Lucia and its animal inhabitants, can really only really be experienced first-hand. But until you’ve had your first stay with us, enjoy these photos from our gallery!


With so many things to do right on our doorstep, you’re bound to have an exciting stay in St Lucia. The weather is good all year round and you can take part in a variety of outdoor activities, no matter the season. From boat cruises to hiking through the wetlands and everything in between, there’s an activity to suit every guest.


Our gardens are filled with a mixture of natural landscaping, bursting with indigenous plants, and manicured spaces holding interesting art installations. We have also included a rooftop garden, pool, and large fishpond. Our sprawling grounds are frequented by a variety of local animals, including bush buck, monkeys and birds.


The architecture of our new guesthouse is what sets us apart from other lodges. We have used the characteristic bent lines of New Formes and influences from modern architecture. Combined with Zulu accents and Mondriaan-esque installations, Serene Estate has a truly distinctive aesthetic appeal.


Enjoy our bright and spacious suites, each with their own private balcony or garden. The décor for each room has been inspired by a combination of modern art, Zulu culture and the beauty of the surrounding natural landscapes. You’ll also appreciate the luxury bathrooms as well as all the usual 5-star amenities.

St Lucia

St Lucia, the home of Serene Estate, is a subtropical little town in Kwa-Zulu. Situated on the Elephant Coast, St Lucia is known for its lush vegetation, estuary filled with birdlife and its stunning views. Although St Lucia is a small town, there is still a bustling main road that has plenty of restaurants and retail options on offer.

St Lucia is known as ‘hippo town’ for a reason. The settlement and its surrounding areas are home to some of Africa’s most famous creatures. An astonishing variety of birds can be found in the estuary, while hippos and crocodiles are a common sight in the nearby rivers. Game reserves in the area host the Big 5 as well as zebra, giraffe and many other animals. Whales, dolphins and a wide variety of marine life can also be spotted off the shores of the Indian Ocean.